About us

DICE is a proudly Indigenous owned and operated company now in its 10th year of operation, and has become a leading service provider to the construction industry in Darwin, throughout the Northern Territory and now right across Australia. This is due to our efficient and reliable service. We pride ourselves on our high standards and fast service to deliver desired outcomes for your needs on time and on budget.

DICE provide installation through to repairs and maintenance for all business types. Our fully licensed technicians can offer the best expertise and experience for your particular job or project. From its early days of operation DICE has strived to maintain existing relationships with its loyal customer base while constantly improving and expanding into new markets.

Over the last 6 years, DICE have formed a strong presence in the Kimberly region, performing services for customers including Transfield, Defense, Spotless, Serco and Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation in locations including Broome, Curtin, Yampi, Derby and surrounding areas. Through consistent positive delivery outcomes for our customers and relentless dedication to continue the dream of empowering people, DICE have had the opportunity to expand. The DICE team now conducts business in the majority of states and territories across our great land.

DICE originally stood for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Electrical as Raymond Pratt, founder of DICE, followed his early dream of using his qualification as an Electrician to build a successful business. Although the early success of DICE was built off the back of being a successful electrical contracting company, Raymond realised that to build the company of his dreams, a company that would be the vehicle to make a positive difference, that DICE would need to evolve and step outside the realm of electrical contracting.

DICE is still an industry leader in the field of electrical contracting but the company name and brand DICE, now stands for so much more. DICE has become a multi facet, ever evolving platform delivering work in all aspects of the construction industry. By working with and teaming with other industry leaders in their field and continuing to find people and companies who share similar visions and values, the dream has now become a reality.  DICE as an acronym can have several different meanings with none more important than DICE: Dedicated to Indigenous Communities and Employment


Collaborations with national and international companies have significantly increased DICE's capacity and capability. DICE have been working closely, with a highly successful group of companies who operate in New South Wales and Victoria. We have come together with these companies and formed an entity known as DICE Contracting Pty Ltd.

Some of the fields and services DICE now has the capability to deliver include; environmental, renewable energy solutions, electrical, plumbing andt drainage and project management. Strategic partnering and working with likeminded people  and companies has greatly strengthened the DICE teams ever expanding skills set.Download Letters of Endorsment